10 Reason Why to choose a 4-Wheel Rollator Over a 2-Wheel Walker


1. Feeling More Confident!

Elderly who have used 4-wheel walkers have said that they go out walking more often.  They feel more confident going on walks and their weight is distributed more evenly. Senior citizens feel safer and dare to walk more often!

2. Less Falls!

On a study done at Central Michigan University on elderly women, it showed that 1/3 of the women who were given a new 4-wheeled walker had not fallen since.  Of the women who fell, the walker was not the reason, there had been other consequences.

3. Feels Normal!

Users of 4-wheel walkers feel like they are walking more naturally then those who use 2-wheeled walkers.

4. Rest Anywhere and Everywhere!

On 4-wheel rollator walkers, there is a seat so those who get tired easily and need to take a quick break can do this easier.  Plus, the wheels make it easy to swing it around your body so you can sit with out having to walk in a circle to find the seat.

5. Easier to Stay Active!

With the more natural walking feeling when using a rollator walker, it’s easier for senior citizens to be more active and WANT to stay active!  Staying active reduces the risks of fractures, which are very common in the elderly.

6. Enjoy the Outdoors!

The rollator walkers have a lot more mobility than 2 wheel-walkers making it easier get get around outside!  Makes it easier to walk around gardens, or parks when with grandchildren.

7. Get Healthy!

Those with a 4-wheel rollator walker find it easier to get around, giving them more motivation to get to a physical therapy program or other types of extra exercise programs.  Exercising helps maintain bone and muscle strength which results in less injuries.

8. No More Lifting!

Some complain about the lifting of the walker that is needed when using a 2-wheeled walker.  With a 4-wheeled walker, no lifting is needed and people have reported less back and arm muscle pain.  Also it saves energy to not have to lift the walker to walk around!

9. Smooth Rides!

Most 4-wheeled rollators have larger wheels in the front.  This makes for a smooth walk over any rough grounds such as walking through grass.

10. Feel Safer!

4-wheeled walkers come with easy to use brakes!  With quick response brakes, it increases the users control making them feel more safe when walking around.

Next time you are looking for a new walker or helping a parent or grandparent pick one out, don’t forget these benefits of a 4-wheel rollator walker!  Featured in the picture on the left is the Basic ToPro walker!  Check it out now at ToPro USA!

45% of Internet Users 65 and Older Now On Facebook

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Are you feeling down that the holiday season is gone? Missing your family and friends? Wishing to recapture some of that cheer and goodwill? Like many internet users, you’re probably assuaging your post-holiday doldrums by hopping on social media.

According to Pew Research’s Social Media Update 2013, Facebook continues to be the most popular social media site, with 71% of online adults reporting that they have a profile. According to Pew Research, this is not a big change from last year, when 67% of online adults reported Facebook use.

pew research social media 2013 facebook use

What has changed more dramatically, however, is the number of users 65 and older who joined Facebook this year. According to the report, “usage among seniors has increased significantly in the last year. Some 45% of internet users age 65 or older now use Facebook, up from 35% who did so in late 2012.”

pew research social media 2013 user demographic

Reasons for this jump in usage…

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The Woodlands at Furman announces 2014 schedule

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the woodlands

GREENVILLE, SC – The Woodlands at Furman, a senior living community located in Greenville, will soon start the fourth year of its challenge to Upstate seniors to take part in 10 Greenville Track Club events in 2014.

The Woodlands at Furman Challenge was started in 2011 in conjunction with the Greenville Track Club as a way to promote physical fitness amongst Upstate residents age 65 and older. Points are awarded using a formula that takes in both race finish as well as the age of the competitor.

Events in this year’s Woodlands at Furman Challenge will be the Greenville News Downtown 5K in January, Green Valley in February, the Greer Earth Day run in April, the Furman 5K in April, the Greenville Hospital System Swamp Rabbit Trail 5K in May, the Red White and Blue Shoes in July, the Michelin 5K in August, the BMW Classic in September, the Spinx…

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TOPRO donated 300 rollators to the Red Cross



The Norwegian company TOPRO decided to donate their surplus stock of their out fading rollator models to the Red Cross. The Red Cross in the province Oppland in Norway, where TOPRO is located, has had a co-operation with the Red Cross in Central Bosnia for almost 5 years. The donation of rollators is by far the largest donation the Red Cross in Bosnia-Herzegovina has received after the civil war, says Miriam Lovrinovic, leader of the Red Cross in Central Bosnia. The donation has a street value of about € 100 000.

TOPRO’s export manager, Josien Bouwman, was present when the first rollators where handed out in Bosnia. She says it made a big impression on her to see how the rollators changed people’s lives. There are hardly any walking aids available. Those that exist are old and not very useful. The TOPRO rollators will be the property of the Red Cross and lent out to people.

Sunapee Seniors to host Health Insurance Marketplace session

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HealthCare_have questionsSunapee, N.H. — The Sunapee Seniors will host an educational program about the new Health Insurance Marketplace on Monday, January 13, 2014, from 1 to 2 p.m., at the Lake Sunapee United Methodist Church, Lower Main St., Sunapee. The AARP-led session will explore the implications of the new Marketplace for individuals and families. This event is free and open to the public.

“There’s a lot to learn about the new Health Insurance Marketplace.  And it can be difficult to figure out what it means for you and your family.  That is why Sunapee Seniors is hosting a free one-hour educational session for residents of Greater Sunapee Area,” the release says. “Come and learn about coverage that’s available from the new Health Insurance Marketplace and find out whether you qualify for tax credits.”

“Just about everyone has questions about how the changes will affect them personally, whether they have health…

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VIDEO: The toll of Alzheimer’s caregiving

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Erna Colborn is president and CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association Greater Illinois Chapter. She discusses, at Washington Post Live’s 2013 Caregiving in America forum, the time intensity involved in taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s.

Thanks for checking us out. Please t…
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VIDEO: The toll of Alzheimer’s caregiving

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Should be funny

Family carers – ‘for the love of it’

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Dr Dominic Slowie, National Clinical Director, NHS England

Dr Dominic Slowie, National Clinical Director, NHS England

It is frequently said that family carers are one of the most valuable resources in the health and care sectors. But this is easily said and is often not reflected in the way that health and care services respond to carers’ needs. We will often talk, sometimes with irony, about people doing a job, ‘for the love of it’ rather than for a financial reward and this is literally what most of England’s family carers do. They often sacrifice their own earning potential and life aspirations to care for somebody they love. They co-ordinate multiple hospital appointments, prescription collections, overnight help, and assistance with dressing, feeding, toileting and washing. It’s physically and mentally hard work.

It is no surprise then that significant numbers of family carers go on to have significant physical and mental health problems themselves and that some of them…

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Living the Healthy Life

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Some cities provide people with better health than others. I remember my last trip to Los Angeles. I was on the outskirts of town and I remember seeing the skyline from where I was. I asked a friend of mine, “Why is it so cloudy?” He looked at me with disbelief on this face and said, “That’s not a cloud…it’s smog!” I was shocked because I had never witnessed smog like that first hand. I knew right away that although LA is a great city, it’s probably not one to live in if you want to breathe fresh, clean air on a regular basis.

Remembering this memory made me do a bit of research though because one of the first things my parents told me as they were preparing for their retirement was, “We want to live where the air is fresh!” Where did I go to obtain this information?…

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